SCANBET Sp. z o. o.

SCANBET Construction and Assembly Company Ltd. was established in 1996. Since the beginning of its activity, we have been dealing with the manufacture of precast concrete units for housing, industrial building and civil engineering.

We work with design agencies, specializing in the design of facilities in precast construction technology.

We employ 140 skilled workers.

We manufacture the precast units in the prefabrication factory in Chociwel, Poland. The plant is located 60 km from Szczecin on a 7 hectare property.

Production is carried out in the halls with a total area of 6,500 m2. The halls are equipped with overhead cranes with lifting capacities from 3 to 10 tons.

The batching plant built in 2006 with a mixer capacity of 1.7 m3 and output of 25 m3 per hour, guarantees a homogeneous concrete mix. Production of concrete is controlled by our own laboratory. The monthly production volume amounts to about 1,600 m3 of prefabricated products, out of which 50% goes to our customers in Germany and Sweden.

The production process is controlled and certified independently by the following three institutions:

1. Brandenburgische Technische Universitat Cottbus

(Certificate of compliance with Reg. No. 51/12, concerning compliance with DIN EN 206-1:2001-07, DIN 1045-1-3 2008-08, and DIN 1045-4:2001-7)


(Certificate of factory production control No. 1111-CPD-0408 and the certificate No. PROD-050 regarding the production system of precast concrete in compliance with NS-EN 13369:2001)

3. NORDCERT AB Stockholm

(Certificate No. 2113 concerning compliance with EN 13369, BKR and BBK as well as with the BBC principles of certification)

These certificates entitle us to sell prefabricated products within the European Union and in Norway with CE marking.

Company Equipment:

  • V=1.7 m3 batching plant with automatic aggregate, cement, water and chemical additives batcher
  • V=0.5 m3 external batching plant with aggregate bunkers and with automatic proportioning by weight
  • internal transport of concrete by means of automatically controlled V = 1.8 m3 concrete container
  • cranes, 2 overhead cranes with 10 tons of lifting capacity, 3 overhead cranes with a lifting capacity of 8 tons, 1 overhead crane with 5 tons of lifting capacity, 2 overhead cranes with a lifting capacity of 3 tons, 3 tower cranes with a lifting capacity of 4 tons and a gantry crane with 5 tons of lifting capacity
  • moulds for the production of precast concrete stairs
  • mould for the production of precast lift shafts
  • 800 m2 steel tables for moulding precast units
  • 500 m2 tables with wooden floor for moulding precast units
  • 200 m2 steel tables for moulding Filigran plates
  • double-row, 21 m long mould for poles and binding joists
  • machine for bending U-bolts, shears for cutting steel, table for cutting mesh and rebar benders
  • sets of rope and chain slings, cross-beams