Cookies Policy

This cookies policy applies to cookies used on this website owned by SCANBET Construction and Assembly Company Ltd. located at: 73-120 Chociwel, ul. Fabryczna 1, Poland.

1.      What are cookies?

Cookies are small text information in the form of text files sent by the server and stored on the website visitor's side (e.g. on the PC’s hard disk, laptop or a smartphone memory card - depending on what device you are visiting our website). Detailed information on cookies and history of their creation can be found, inter alia, here:


2.      Why do we use cookies?

Cookies are an especially useful and safe tool that helps you surf the websites according to your preferences and the use of their functionality. Cookies used by our website are safe and do not change the configuration of your computer, laptop or smartphone, or software installed in the device.

We use cookies for the following purposes:

  • to store arrangement of individual elements
  • to store the data from the filled order forms
  • to conduct anonymous statistics showing how the website is used, and to study the users’ needs, with the exception of personal user identification  

3.      The types of cookies we use

When visiting our website, you may encounter the following types of cookies:

  • Permanent and temporary – depending on the time they are stored on the hard drive of your PC, laptop or smartphone memory card you are using when visiting our website. Temporary files are the cookies that are stored for a relatively short period of time – they are removed when you are leaving the website or closing the browser you are using. Temporary files are also therefore often referred to as ‘session files’. Permanent files are the cookies that are usually stored for a period longer than the temporary files – their period of retention lasts for the time specified in the parameters of a given cookie file or until you yourself remove them.


  • First party and third party – depending on whether the cookie file comes directly from the website or from a third party through the website (for example, in the case of an anonymous statistics using Google Analytics, posting plug-ins from social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+, posting items from other sites, e.g. YouTube, Vimeo). We recommend that you also read the third party cookies or privacy policies.

Information on whether the cookie file is a permanent, temporary, first or third party file, as well as term of its storage can also be obtained using the appropriate options on your own Web browser –  refer to the ‘Help’ content of your web browser.

4.      Managing cookies and consent to their use

By default, most web browsers available on the market implicitly accept cookies being saved. You have the ability to determine conditions for the use of cookies by setting your own web browser. This means that you can for example partially limit (e.g., time) or completely disable the ability to store cookies on your computer – in the latter case, however, it can have an impact on some of the functionalities of the website.

Settings of your web browser regarding cookies are essential to consent to the use of cookies by our website – in accordance with the regulations; such consent may also be expressed through the web browser settings.

Detailed information on how to change the settings for cookies and their self-removal in the most popular web browsers are available under the ‘Help’ tab of your web browser.

The unchanged settings in your browser mean your acceptance of the cookies used herein.